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WHERE is Ink and Drink Comics?
You might say to yourself, “I would like to meet the excellent writers, artists and editors involved in the super-cool production of Ink and Drink Comics! Wherever can I meet these amazing men and women, whose work I truly admire?”

Perhaps the more appropriate question is WHEN is Ink and Comics (and also WHERE)?
Here is the quasi-tentative, half-baked list of all of our upcoming conventions, store signings, etc. for 2016 (subject to change, evolve, revolve and appear different at any point in time):

Wizard World St. Louis 2016
April 1, 2 & 3
St. Louis, MO

Don’t miss the exclusive con debut of Ink and Drink Comics return to horror with the new anthology, Spirits of St. Louis II – Hair of the Dog, at Wizard World St. Louis! The new anthology, will be available for purchase as an exclusive Wizard World St. Louis Release with special covers and limited to only 50 copies for sale at the Ink and Drink Booth (#122).  Ink and Drink artists will be joining in on the fun and sketching all day long. Enjoy.

Spirits of St. Louis II – Hair of the Dog – Official Release Party at Comic Headquarters
May 23 from Noon-2pm
St. Louis, MO

Having made its debut on the con circuit, Ink and Drink Comics new horror anthology, Spirits of St. Louis II – Hair of the Dog, hits the bricks and mortar variety with the full force of a Zombie Lewis and Clark exploring the Louisiana Purchase and mapping all the available brains. Good thing Sacagawea is there to keep them in chains. Join us and all of your friends at Comic Headquarters in South County, at 4352 Telegraph Rd., St. Louis, MO 63129. Cheers!

Free Comic Book Day
May 7
St. Louis, MO

The chivalry of the Ink and Drink Comics crew will be evident again with their 5th Free Comic Book Day offering. This time out it’s the mini-comic, On the House: 5th Round Knights (Title TBD), and we’ll be celebrating by taking over a comic shop in your neck of the woods. We’ll be signing and sketching and selling our wares, plus giving out tons of copies of our new mini-comic. You’d best protect your neck because we’ll be out for blood.

Planet Comic Con 2016
May 20, 21, 22
Kansas City, MO

Come see Ink and Drink Comics in Kansas City at Planet Comic Con. We’ll have all books available for purchase and will be representing the STL with Steve, Jim, Ben, Ellis, Brian, Joe, Jessie, Marie, Rob, Maggie, and Bryan all attending. Cheers!

Library Con
St. Louis, MO

A one day, FREE con held at the St. Louis Public Library! Books-a-plenty are in store for you. Come on down and enjoy the day with your friends from Ink and Drink.

SPX 2016
September 19 & 20
Bethesda, MD

Ink and Drink Comics is proud to debut the new Ink and Drink sampler anthology, Hungover, at The Small Press Expo. This is the second foray to the East Coast convention for Ink and Drink, so get ready for some flyover good times. Cheers!

St. Louis Small Press Expo
Dates TBD
St. Louis, MO

The new Ink and Drink Comics sampler anthology, Hungover, makes its Missouri debut at the St. Louis Small Press Expo. Come see what the fuss is about and get Hungover.

Hungover Official Release Party
October TBD
St. Louis, MO

Having made its debut on the con circuit, Ink and Drink Comics new nonfiction anthology, Hungover, hits the bricks and mortar variety like a werewolf during a full moon.

Some of these dates and times are still up in the air and TBD. We’ll be constantly updating this page to reflect any new events.

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